Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What I Love

So the other day in facebook land, I joined the many who posted this status update:

ANYONE that knows me knows I love ______.
Post this as your status & see the crazy things people say you love. 

It was surprising to me some of the things that were said numerous times and the things that were NOT said.

No big surprise, Florida and Disney came up often.  I do love Florida and plan on moving back there as soon as possible!  I love Disney too - everything about it.  Carlos is a Disney lover and I'm so glad this is something that he shared with me and that we now share with our kids.  What WASN'T said was that I just love travel in general.  Because I do.  I love to travel.  Right now with little kids, Florida and Disney are just easy choices for vacations.  I am looking forward to the time when we can venture a bit further from home and check off some international destinations!

The next category was food - avocados were mentioned more than once, and also Mexican food, Reese's peanut butter cups, and my father-in-law's "tortas y habichuelas."  These things are definitely true.  Also, I think in general someone could have just put "food" and that would have covered it as well! Actually, someone did put good food and fun times so that just about sums it up!

Dancing and swing dancing were listed.  I would say that is probably my favorite activity, and it is so sad that we aren't able to go out dancing more often now.  For now, we dance every chance we get, whether it's in a living room, at a restaurant, or at a concert.

The most popular answer was books.  Also true.  How could a librarian NOT love books?  Other mentions that are in this category were being a library lady, technology, and grammar.  Although I do have to say I love USING technology - I'm not as much of a fan of fixing or being in charge of technology!  In the library I prefer my books!

Shoes and style were listed.  I do definitely love shoes - especially sandals.  Winter shoes, not so much.  I was kind of surprised that dresses and cardigans weren't listed.  Also, I like style, but I don't necessarily feel like I'm stylish.  Most things that are in style look ridiculous on me.  Plus right now I'm torn between being stylish and being comfortable.

Rodan+Fields was mentioned several times.  I know that people know I love R+F, but I'm not sure that people completely understand WHY I love it.  First of all, I love what it has done for my own skin.  I'm a self-proclaimed Reversaholic and I'm currently working to reverse this summer's sun damage!  The other reason I love R+F is because of the friendships I have made and the team I am on.  This camaraderie is something I didn't realize that I needed or wanted, but it has been a huge positive influence in my life!

A few famous people made the list - Harry Connick, Jr. and John Barrowman.  I'm happy to say that because of Carlos, I have met both of these people!

My church, Sojourn Church made the list, as did my Mom and Dad (that was put there by my Mom! ha!), and my babies!  (Of course!)

A few things out of left field were Spanish and the 4th of July.  I do love Spanish music and food, and I WISH I could speak Spanish, but it still kind of surprised me.  My favorite holiday is probably Christmas, but this was said by a friend from Florida who has seen me enjoy the festivities there.  4th of July IS a fun event in Florida - with each community planning an outside event with live music on the actual day of Independence.  Where I live in Georgia, there is ONE gigantic event that is way too crowded and is usually the week BEFORE the 4th of July.  So weird.  Plus the fireworks laws are way too lax and you have the entire month of July filled with neighborhood fireworks that keep the kids up at night.  But I digress . . . .

Another random item (but totally true!) was YELLOW!  :)  That is definitely my favorite color, followed VERY closely by turquoise.

Some items that could have been listed but weren't?

  • fuzzy blankets
  • roller coasters
  • shopping at thrift stores
  • taking pictures
  • cool fonts
  • seeing and hearing my kids read
  • Doctor Who, Sherlock, Parks and Rec
  • memes
  • bookstores
  • sleeping in
  • Doris Day movies
  • good harmonies
  • hymns (mostly because of the harmonies)
  • quotes
  • BLUE pens
  • IKEA
  • planners - especially NEW planners
  • crunchy ice (also known as "good ice")
So there you have it - all the weird little random things I love!  :) 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Megacon Mania!

So one of the items on my 40 before 40 list was to attend DragonCon - the comic book convention in Atlanta.  I picked that one because it is the closest one to where we live, but in May Carlos took me to Megacon in Orlando - even better because it's a bigger convention, and duh, it's in Orlando.  

To be honest I had no idea what I would think about this experience.  Although Carlos has turned me into a sci-fi fan, I had no idea what to expect.  I'm kind of surprised to say that I had a lot more fun than I expected to have!  If you like to people watch, a comic book convention is the ultimate destination.  Just seeing everyone dressed up in their different costumes is worth the price of admission.  However, in the exhibit halls, there is so much to see and do - CastiĆ©l hugged R2-D2, battled with Kylo Ren, and played with Legos.  I got to meet John Barrowman, which was awesome, and if we would have wanted to pay $150+ and wait in a 2+ hour line we could have had a picture taken with Stan Lee!  (We opted not to do that one.)  Carlos was in his element, which was fun to see, and Camila even got to meet Elmo!  (Megacon is apparently where you hand your child to anyone dressed as a character!)  

All in all, I would definitely go to a con again and next time, I might even dress up!